Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can You See What I'm Saying?

We've all heard that everyone learns in different ways.   I just happen to be a visual, hands on kind of girl.   Because of that, some of the best lessons I have ever had, have been object lessons.   I'd like to share what I've learned but I'd like a place to learn as well.   I can't afford a book to teach me and figure there are a good amount of you that can't either.   So, here we are, might as well share.    This is a blog to share object lessons, craft ideas, and general teaching tools for the general teaching moments that pop up in life.   I hope to give you ideas and I hope that you can give right back.   If you have something to contribute, please e-mail me at    If you have a different version on something leave a comment.    Sound good? 

Most of the lessons that really spoke to me came from my favorite seminary teacher, Mr. Bro Nichols.   That is why this blog is dedicated to him.    I hope that I can inspire you and help you to inspire others with some of his lessons.  

I would also like to dedicate this to my brother, Joe.   He is 4 years younger than I am but fulfilled his purpose on earth before I did.   He died at 28 from cancer.   He came to a point that it was horribly painful to move, yet he made a special trip to our house to give my son the gift of an object lesson.    His will be the first lesson in the series.