Monday, July 23, 2012

find your talent show

the words talent show always twisted my lip and snarled my nose.   they always seemed like a celebration for performing arts and left everyone else out.   i think people include visual arts more now, and our stake relief society had a talent showing of everything from quilts, to photography, baking, painting, beautiful children's clothing, singing, writing, basket of goods bought with coupons, anything anyone wanted to bring to show off.   it was more welcoming to every sister and every talent.   i don't know how i would show off my klutz talent that has blessed me with a great first-aid/emergency talent.   how do you show off things like being a kind and listening person or instinctively knowing what someone needs when trouble hits?   that is my sister's talent.   she sees something going on and offers the right thing, things you didn't know you need but she can see it.      she's amazing.    how do you show that off?  

i have a thought.   it's rough, and needs some refining, but you can help me do that, right?

i'm writing for young women but you could do it for anyone.   find your talent show.   take some time and do activities with your group to help them find their talents.   your also trying to find their "other" talents.   i'm thinking the group could do a round of stations to learn things they don't usually do.   it could be a night or a month long theme.   leaders can be taking pictures.   info can be gained from family .   after the round robin of stations, or series of activities, the leaders put together a slide show of the girls working together.   pictures of the great dancing, the encouraging, the bringing laughter, the kindness, the "other" talents that they didn't see as talents.   leaders or parents can narrate the pictures and the hidden, non-artistic talents they saw during the activities or family sees at home.   i think it would be a great boost for the girls and a learning experience for the leaders as well.

what do you think?   i'd love to hear if you've done something similar and how it went.   suggestions, advice, comments, yada, yada, yada.   help a sister out