Thursday, October 3, 2013

missionary lessons for kids #2 - plan of salvation

the plan of salvation is an interesting one.   i searched high and low for some pictures for the kids to color while listening to the lesson as well as activities and some visuals without words.   here are several links and the finished product i came up with.
the coloring pages i used- downloadable pdf 

the no words version for the visuals - also downloadable

i had to make it a jpeg so i could paint out the words and translate it to german.   i added the resurrection to it as well. 

i took the plan of salvation maze from these conference packets -
the maze is in the senior primary version.   love these packets.

allow the kids to color while they listen to the lesson.   you can ask the to color the part you are talking about, what do they think it would look like?   you can color your own version too.   i think it's less of a lesson when you are just "coloring together".   then you can cut them out after explaining it and ask them to put their version in order.

some other ideas would be cut out some large puzzle pieces and let them glue their artwork to the puzzle pieces and put their puzzle together over and over.   we are gluing it to a strip of paper and hanging it up.

a few more references -
this is another version that looks like they have cut out a person and are moving the person through the plan.   you could also use a picture of the child to move through the plan.   if your family is dealing with a friend or loved one passing away, use a picture of that person.    you could do a lot of role play with pictures of family past and present to show how we all move through the plan at different times but all end up in the same place together.   the second link has cut outs in color and black and white to represent the body and spirit.   this concept could be used with family pictures as well to show that the spirit is still alive, just separate from the body.

the official church version -

missionary lessons for kids #1 - restoration

i am going to be working on a series of blog posts called missionary lessons for kids.   my daughter is taking the lessons before her baptism and is inviting her friends over to take them with her.   we live in germany so some of the things i post will be translated into german.   i should have english and german or at least the reference to the english version.   i have been asking for help on an lds group on facebook.   i have been receiving contributions there so for credits, join the group.

the first lesson in the preach my gospel manual is the restoration.
one of the ideas is to label and stack cups to build a tower or pyramid.   then take some of the things from the tower and show how the church of Christ fell because these truths were taken away.  someone suggested to expand on that and just use jenga blocks.   another suggestion was to visualize a glass table and then imagine it was broken into little pieces.  people came and took what they could and built their own churches from the pieces.   this represents that people did what hey could, and the churches all have some truth but because the prophets and apostles were taken away, they did not have the whole gospel.

 i would combine these.   i have kids so i would use kids building blocks.  

ask what a church needs.   what did the church that Jesus led have?   prophets, apostles, revelation, scriptures, faith, followers or disciples, priesthood, prayer, etc.  each thing could have several blocks to represent it.   you might go with certain shapes, sizes, or colors to represent certain things.  

the people killed the apostles and prophets, take those blocks away.   when you take those away, you take revelation.   you still have inspiration but it is not the same thing as revelation.  

then you still have scripture, faith, knowledge of Jesus and the Atonement, these kinds of things.  now, everyone that is still a believer of Christ, wants the church so they come and take what is left and they do their best to build back up what they recognise as a church.   they still have inspiration but not revelation.   they still have scripture and knowledge, but not prophets and apostles.  

now, everyone has their own churches in front of them.   each has truth, each is the best they can do with what is left.   none are whole.  

explain how joseph smith was called to restore the whole truth, the whole gospel.   God gave back things like prophets and apostles, revelation, and priesthood.   put these blocks back on the table and begin building.   now we can take things like the scriptures, prayer, faith and all the pieces that were left and we have the whole truth built, the whole building built again.