Thursday, August 15, 2013

what's on your sunday?

we had the missionaries over the other day and were talking about object lessons.   this one came up and i thought i would share.

the teacher comes in and sets down a box of ice cream and asks who wants some.  (our missionary happened to volunteer and pointed out that his birthday had just past so he should get to help out with this lesson.)   the teacher put some ice cream in a bowl and then asked what his volunteer's favorite sport was.  basketball - ketchup on the ice cream.   what's your favorite music? rock - mustard on the ice cream.   hobbies, books, games, all resulted in things pepper, salt, pickles etc being put on the ice cream.  the point being, the although all these things are good, and have a time and a place . . . they just don't belong on your sunday.

i love the play on words.   i'm wondering if he would have gotten some chocolate for his book had he said the scriptures or something.   obviously, our sunday is not the place for every other day things.