Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drink more water!

This is not a "saying" as such, but it is one of the pieces of sage advice you will hear from my grandmother.    It is the first thing she will say when: your tired, have a headache, sore throat, cough, fever, cold, flu, too hot, too cold, pregnant, working, going anywhere, coming home from anywhere, upset stomach, stressed. . . . . . . .you get the gist of it.    Have you been drinking enough water?   Do you have a bottle of water?   Let me get you a bottle of water.   You need to drink more water.

We tease her about her water obsession all the time.   We do, however, admit that it can't hurt and really does make a difference.   

So now, I've turned into my grandmother.   My kids know that the question will be coming, from me, and their grandmother, and their great-grandmother.    I ask anyone that's ailing in any way, "Have you been drinking enough water?"   I just had to laugh when my best friend called me to relate her visit to the doctor to me.   She was sick, the illness made worse because she was dehydrated.   Her doctor had asked her if no one cared enough about her to make sure she had been drinking enough.   She laughed, and said that yes someone cared.   I had been hounding her all week to drink more.   

Now, I tell you, because I care..... Drink more water!