Sunday, June 9, 2013

a light in the dark

i heard an intersting comparative in church today.   it was mentioned briefly to illistrate doc. & cov. 45:7  
for verily I say unto you that I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the light and the life of the world - a light that shines forth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.    I've been rolling this around in my head all day and it has gained more and more meaning.   i have gained different points of perspective on it.   it has been opening up new possibilities of object lessons all day.  

i have expanded the brief idea and i'm including my few thoughts for object lessons.   you could use a candle in a candle holder or a little Christmas house with a light in it.  

think about a house in the middle of the darkest night.  the house has lights on inside.   if you open the door, the dark does not come in, instead, the light shines out.   the dark can not come into the light.   the light wins and penetrates the darkness every time.   scientifically, darkness does not exist, it is only the absence of light.

now, compare this to God's light.   satan cast himself out of the light, he is in the absence of God's light.

how about being in the world and not of it?   we can shine into the light without stepping into it.

the Holy Ghost being in more than one place at a time.   people in different places can see the lights in the house all at the same time, the house does not move, but the light radiates.   the sun has been used to illustrate this as well.   half the earth can see and feel the sun all at the same time, the sun sits still but still affects half the earth all at once.   the Holy Ghost does not withdraw, we simply turn away from it.

don't think of yourself as being in the dark, but rather in an absence of light.   you can change that!   this is amazing missionary thought.

how about that same line of thinking just with positive thinking?   there may be negative darkness all around you but you can shine positive light into it.

God's love is always extended to us.   we may move away from the light, but the house and the light stay put, with an open door, waiting for us to come back inside, and into the light.