Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 13 - foreordination

alma 13 
the gospel doctrine that we all have a job to do has always been a bit of comfort and concern for me. i am concerned that i am not living up to my potential and my jobs that i agreed to do in the premortal world. i can only strive to do my best from here no matter what opportunities i may have lost in the past. whatever i may have done or not done in my life to this point, i must rely on Christ's Atonement for forgiveness. looking forward, i can only do my best and try to remember that God has given each of us something to do, something we are totally capable of.
the comfort comes to me in the fact that i trust myself. i trust my premortal self and all i agreed to then. i trust God. He chose things specifically for me to do. things specifically suited to my talents and strengths and weaknesses and the things i need to grow. if God trusts me with it, i can do it.