Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 14-15

alma 14-15

in these chapters, we see the turn and astonishment of zeezrom. zeezrom realizes that he is the cause of so much wickedness but is at the same time surprised at how evil the people are. the wives and children of the believers are burned alive. the horror of this chapter is a difficult one. so much wickedness in our world today that not only rivals but exceed simple burning alive as horrid as that is. amulek asks alma to use the priesthood to save them, which of course he could do. but alma is constrained from doing so by the spirit. their suffering allows the wicked to earn their judgement and earns the righteous their place in Heaven. alma 14 : 10-11 reminds us that the trial of this life are but short in the grand scheme of things. 

alma and amulek are imprisoned and harassed for days which was probably nothing compared to the horrors of watching so many innocents parish in such a cruel way. 

we are not generally called upon to suffer in such ways for our beliefs. although elder holland tells the story of two sister missionaries who are beaned with mashed potato balls and spat upon. the largest trial at that point as related by the sister missionary, was not throttling the "little man" who assaulted them. 

in chapt 15, alma and amulek leave the city and find zeezrom who is suffering under the recollection of his sins. in 15: 5 - 12 zeezrom's conversion is complete. he is reminded of Christ's Atonement that at the time has not yet come but is only a promise of some future event. he accepts the Atonement in faith and rises to teach the people the gospel from that time forward.