Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 16-17

alma 16 - 17
the prophecy of the destruction of ammonihah comes to pass in a really icky way. i know, that's a really technical term but even though the non-wicked captives that were taken from around the city were later retrieved, everyone alive, the inhabitants of the wicked city were slaughtered and left to rot. (verse 9-11) see? i told you, icky.

the chief capt, zoram, listens to the prophets. (verse 2-6) the head of the army goes and asks for direction from the prophet! this guidance helps him retrieve the captives and beat back the lamanites. what a contrast! the people of ammonihah threw out the prophet, ignored the prophecy of destruction and paid the price. the leader of the nephites army did not just rely on his prowess but instead asked the prophet for guidance. he didn't ask for advice, he went with his high officers who also were his sons and asked point blank, "where should we go, what should we do?". wow! i want to live in that society.

in the next chapter, the sons of mosiah also show their trust in the Lord. they simply go into the land of the people that are constantly trying to destroy them, pray, and then split up to go preach. verse 3. this includes my favorite story. ammon cuts off the arms of the marauders to protect the flocks of the king. verse 26 - 39. . . that brings us back to icky.