Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 27

alma 27

27:4-14 the people of ammon submit themselves to the Lord. they will stay and be destroyed or go be slaves to the nephites. ammon explains that the nephite law prohibits slaves. the Lord tells them "get outta there!", so they go. 

16 - 19 on the way, they meet up with alma who was with ammon when the angel appeared. alma and the sons of mosiah are all overjoyed at meeting since they have not seen each other in years. they are all even more happy to see that all of them are still faithful to the Lord. they had spent a lot of time destroying the church so they must have worried a bit that they others may have gone back to their old ways.
alma takes ammon to zarahemla while the people wait in the wilderness borders between nephite and lamanite lands. how nerve wracking that must have been! 

22-24 the dilemma is taken to the chief judge who puts it to the people who give the people of ammon a nice big piece of land to live on . this had to be a huge bit of land. there were thousands of people coming in. they all had to have not just housing but in those times, every household had some kind of flocks and fields to support themselves and animals. it was like giving them a county or small state!
that isn't all, they are going to protect them because of the oath they have taken to not fight!
how much humility did it take to go and ask for land and protection from the people you once called enemy? then how much love and compassion did it take to give a huge piece of land to the former enemy and also vow to protect them with your own men? have you ever had to forgive someone? how hard is it and how do you do it?