Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 34-36

alma 34 - 36

34 the zoramites have lost all sense of reason and want to fight. 

1-6 they find out who in the land likes what alma and amulek have said and then throw them out.

7-9 of course the people of ammon take them in and their relief society holds a clothing drive, the elders quorum finds or builds places for them live, the young men go prep lands for them to till, and the young women baby sit and help out all the new families coming into the ward. 

10-13 this kindness just irritated the zoramites. they huffed and puffed and threatened the people of ammon and they just went about continuing their service. the zoramites have a totally insane anger because they are not getting their way so they decide to go to war over some people that they didn't want to be around them anyway. the people of ammon and all those who fled and joined them get out of the way so the army can take over and protect them. 

14-16 alma sees the zoramites throwing a temper tantrum and being totally unreasonable and just basically jerks. instead of going out and calling them jerks and making nice hand signs at them, he sorrows over them. he sees past their actions into their hardened and empty hearts. 

in chapter 36 alma explains this to helaman. 3-4 alma tells heaman that he needs to rely on God when these trials come. 

6-24 alma gives a more personal account of his wickedness, the angel, his three day torment and his repentance. 

17-21 are especially beautiful. i gave this to a friend of mine when he said he couldn't forgive himself.   might give it a read of you feel you can't forgive yourself too.

the lesson in these chapters is two fold. we have to look into the base of why people do things and not just wave our fists and call them names. but see past the actions to the child of God in need of something. the next is that we have to be just as kind to ourselves. we have to look past our sins (once we have repented) and find the place in us that needs mending so we can take positive action instead of just continuing to tear ourselves down.