Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 39 - 41

alma 39 - 41

in chapt 39, alma talks to his son corianton about his sins and what effect they had not only on himself but on those around him. this conversation has always felt so personal and such a precious conversation between father and son to me. it is a good model of how we should speak to our children and ourselves. 

1-3 he points out the sin but then in 4 he tells him that although many were doing it, "he knew better" what others were doing was no excuse. 

in 5-6 he tells him why its a problem. there is great kindness in his words. 

7-9 he says that he wished his son had not committed so great a crime but now that its done, he should not try to hide it but instead that he needs to turn to God for repentance. i love the caring and genuine concern that can still be heard in his words to his son.

 in 11 he tells his son to not suffer himself to be led away. he tells him to guide himself and not allow others to lead him. 

in 10 he tells him to look to his brothers and counsel with his brothers but ultimately, he is told to guide himself and not just follow others. 

this is a pretty important lesson for today. we are led unconsciously. the wickedness surrounding us every day dulls the senses into "everyone else is doing it" to the point that we don't realize that we are doing it. it is important that we counsel with those who are aiming for the same things we are. i find that likening the scriptures is a great way to counsel with some of the greatest examples and big brothers we could ever have. look for your counselors, choose them wisely. in the end, guide yourself and don't allow others to take the lead.