Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 42-43

alma 42 - 43

in alma 43:1 the sons of alma continue their missions. alma has the missionary bug so he joins them. every member a missionary after all.

43:5-8 lamanites are at it again. there is actually something for us to learn in their strategies. the leader appoints the most bloodthirsty of his men to be leaders. while we don't really want to most bloodthirsty to lead us, we do want to ones who are the strongest and can rally troops. this applies to our own inner battles as well. i have to use my strengths to rally my weaknesses. 

43:17 the nephites use this strategy as well. they appoint moroni as their captain. MORONI IS AWESOME! just sayin'. moroni sets faithful and loyal people to his head captains. 

43:19-21, 23-24 he preps his armies with "the full armor of God" and then he asks the prophet for guidance. 

43:25 the important thing about moroni's strategy is that he doesn't just go chasing all over. he leaves some to hold the strong places. i know my strengths are sometimes pushed to their limits and they can become my weaknesses. 

43:31-33 moroni divides the remainder of his army, which is usually a bad thing, but they are just on both sides of a river, which is genius. the lamanites walk right into the trap. haven't we all done that? 

35-37 the lamanites are getting their hinies handed to them because they do not have on that armor. 

43:38 doesn't seem so bad to be wearing the thick clothes in the middle of summer and helmet hair is worth it isn't it? 

39-40, the lamanites figure out that they are toast, so they try to retreat but 41 here comes the other half of the army on the other side. they just thought they were in trouble before this. 

43-44 they put up a good fight because they had no where to run, but (i love this verse) 45 shows why the nephites took on the "dragons". the nephites are winning and can plow through without a problem at this point but in 54 something amazing happens. the true nature of their cause and their true selves show through.