Wednesday, December 3, 2014

helaman 1 - brotherly love

helaman 1

*2-3 the chief judge dies and evidentially, the nephites have forgotten that the judgement seat doesn't have to pass from father to son. they are voting between 3 sons. 

*5 pahoran jr. (or pj ) wins the voice of the people. 

*6 pj's brother Pacumeni abides by the vote and throws his support behind the voice of the people. 

*7-8 the other brother, Paanchi, stirs up some trouble, is tried and executed because he has tried to start a coup. (brotherly love to the extreme going on in this family.   bet that was a great day to be the chief judge.   no matter how much trouble the brother starts, signing his death warrant had to really stink. ) 

*9-12 the execution of paanchi doesn't stop his followers from trying to continue his coup efforts. those who seek power and trouble will use any excuse.   they take up the good old secret combos and send kishkumen to kill the new leader, pj. (pahoran's family lost him and 2 sons in the space of very little time. wow! what is power worth when weighed against a life? i hope dear mrs. pahoran sr. wasn't alive to see all this going on among her children.) 

13-14 pacumeni actually gets the seat and reigns in the chaos of another lamanite attack. whee! here we go again

moral of the story? first, what is your family worth? what are you willing to give or give up for your family?