Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 2

i love helaman 2

the political issues that ended up killing off a few of the pahoran family continues. now, helaman son of helaman (the guy writing the book) is in the hot seat. 

he is fortunate to have some sly guys working for him though. kishkumen figures he can go in and take out the leader again. (he is just a nice guy that way. i don't think this is what is meant by being politically active) 

helaman has a guy that has figured out the secret signs of the gang. (at this point, i envision hagrid finding harry in knockturn alley and telling him he shouldn't be there. but then harry asking what hagrid is doing there) in both cases, it's a good thing these guys are in the wrong place at the right time. 

the servant finds out the plan, tells kishkumen that he will help and then stabs kishkumen in the back . . .no really . . .well, technically in the heart but he killed the murderous gangster anyway. i love this kind of irony! the servant tells helaman all about it. 

the leader of the gang at this point is gadianton. i don't know why, but this name sticks. the gang has been around for a while but gadianton is the name that stays. 

gadianton gets freaked when kishkumen doesn't come back and they get outta dodge so to speak. we know they will be back but the day, at least for now, is saved and fade to black . . . . . .