Monday, February 8, 2010

The Holy Ghost

This object lesson is one that my brother came to show my son not long before his death.   It was a painful trip for my brother and a special gift for my son's eighth birthday.

You'll need:
a tea bag (it must be the tube type that is filled, folded over and stapled.)
a plate (not plastic or paper)
matches or lighter

The tea bag represents the spirit, clean and white, until we sin, (the tea).  We cannot return to our Heavenly Father dirty or with sin in our souls. 
We can clean our souls because of Jesus' atonement.   To use the atonement we must sacrifice, (cut the top with the staple off).   We must sacrifice our pride and be humble, we must sacrifice our sins and give them up, we need to have "a broken heart and a contrite spirit".   When we are willing to do this we can use the atonement to wash away our sins and become clean again.   

We are baptized to show our willingness to do these things (dump out the tea, open up the tea bag tube and stand it up on the plate).   

This is only the beginning, we must do our best to stay clean and continue to repent with the sacrament.   

It is sometimes hard to know right from wrong, so God will give us a guide, the Holy Ghost.   The Gift of the Holy Ghost is also called Baptism by Fire.   After baptism with water we can receive the Baptism by Fire, (light the top of the tea bag tube). 

If we listen to the Holy Ghost ,do the things we are prompted to do, and continue to repent with the sacrament, we can go up to live with our Heavenly Father again, (the tube will burn down and become a very fragile ash, because it is hot it will float up).

Use as much or as little detail as you want, depending on your audience.   It is a wonderful object lesson for those approaching baptism at any age.   

Tip: Do it inside, breezes and even heavy breathing can tip the tea bag tube.   Also cut the tube straight so that it will have a level bottom to stand on.   I have seen it done on a bare hand but I don't recommend it, some tea bags lift before burning completely others don't.