Monday, February 15, 2010

Road of life

This is one of those spur of the moment, divinely inspired, quick life lessons delivered "on the spot".

Family night came around and I could not find my book that I've been teaching out of.   I hadn't gathered everyone in yet because of it.   All of a sudden an R/C car comes barreling into the living room with my son laughing behind it.   The family took turns running it around, and started building ramps for it.   As the ramps got higher, the car had a harder time making it and finally just couldn't do it any more.   My son remarked that it might have been able to do it if it had been fully charged.  
The moral of the story: We face challenges in life.   Those challenges are everything from minor bumps to mountains.   We can get over those challenges if we keep ourselves charged, tuned, in shape, whatever applies.
How do we keep ourselves ready for the challenges of life?   Primary answer time.....Prayer, scriptures, church....
We've been talking about family and how to make it better so we included love and family.   After all, that's why we have families, to give us that little extra push up the hill.
Take a hike, take a drive, get out the R/C cars or the 4 wheelers if you have 'em.   Go tackle life's mountain and mole hills together.   Just do what it takes to prepare yourself so you can make it to the top!