Monday, February 15, 2010

How long do I have?

This is a Mr. Bro. Nichols seminary lesson on how long we have to perfect ourselves.

You'll need:
a ball of clay for each person
blindfolds for each person, optional
Give each person a ball of clay and tell them to make something that represents themselves.   Blindfold each person or have them close their eyes while sculpting.   Do not give them a time limit just tell them that you will stop them when it's time.   Do not tell them how long they have or give any hint as to how much time they have, just that you will tell them when their time is up.

Give a lesson on our purpose in life.   Our responsibility is to mold our will and make ourselves into what we choose, good or evil.   

As people get "done", continue to teach the lesson.   As people begin hearing "I'm done" ring out in the room, they will try to finish up and you should be left with only a few still working.
The real point of the lesson is evident when you call time and the last sculptors ask for more time.   We do not know how long we have in this life nor do we have a true vision of what we are making of the time we have.

When our class had this lesson, I figured I was done but just couldn't stop working.   Why not keep going til time is done I thought.   After all, "There is always room for improvement."   One other boy and I were the last ones working.   As time was called, he yelled out "No! Not yet, I'm not done!".     Where I was "okay, but might as well keep working", he had really made the most of his time.   He had really worked hard the whole time.   I had made better use of my time than those who had quit altogether, but I'd still not done all I could.   Truthfully, God doesn't compare us with others, so what I'd done comparatively was of no worth.   In the end, will I feel that I'm finished?   I hope that I never feel like "I'm done".   Instead, I intend to continue to work my hardest while yelling "Not yet, I'm not done!"