Wednesday, November 13, 2013

listen to the right voices

yeah, i hear the voices too.   good ones and bad ones tell us lots of different directions to go.

this is the other object lesson on the Holy Ghost that the missionaries brought us today. . . it's more of a game, but it gets the point across.

you will need three people.

the first is "it"!

the second is the Holy Ghost.

the third is the worldly voice of sin . . .dun dun dun!

ok, "it" puts on a blindfold.
both people get to hide a piece of candy for "it" to find.   keep it simple since "it" is blindfolded.

both the Holy Ghost and sin tell "it" where the candies are located.   of course, the Holy Ghost tells "it" correct directions and sin tries to mislead "it".

with some time, "it" should be able to discern which voice is telling the truth and which is not.   by the second piece of candy, "it" knows for sure that one is telling the truth.

it's the same with our lives.   we have to practice listening and recognising the Holy Ghost.   it does take time but Heavenly Father will help us and we can learn if we really listen.