Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the dirty sock

during our weekly meeting with missionaries, they gave us two great lessons on the Holy Ghost.

the first was the dirty sock!  
they pulled out a wet, sandy, stinky sock . . (they are young males so i doubt they had to look far. . . still love you guys).

your foot represents the Holy Ghost.

the sock, represents you.

do you want to put on a dirty stinky sock?  yeah, neither does the Holy Ghost.   when you sin, you become dirty.   the Holy Ghost will not stay in dirty places so you have to try to not sin.   when you do sin, you need to repent as soon as possibly.   if that sock had been washed after the first day, after it got into mud, after it was dropped, whatever happened to it - it wouldn't be so bad.   even in this nasty stinky state, the sock can again be clean.   add some soap (the Atonement) and some water (baptism or renewal of covenants) and some work (repentance, Christ will even do most of it for you if you put it in the washing machine . . you do have to do your part) and you have a nice clean sock again ready for the Holy Ghost to put you back on.

moral : you have to keep yourself clean for the Holy Ghost to stay with you.