Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 nephi 1

3 nephi 1

waiting for a sign. 

it's like the x-games of faith. the people are waiting for a sign that a lamanite shouted from a wall and then disappeared. (the nephite prophets have of course had spiritual verification of this prophecy.) 

now, all they can do is wait. that wasn't so bad as waiting goes, none of us like to wait, but then there was this little thing that made it ever more fun. the wicked have decided to make it a waiting game of life and death. 

imagine the anticipation. getting ready to defend yourself, possibly hiding the night before, praying, listening for that calm and comfort of the spirit. imagine the trust and faith this involved. 

then, the prophet comes and says, it's all good and the sign will be happening just in the nick of time. imagine taking that deep breath and waiting. being prepared to still defend yourself and family because who knows what the other guys are going to do, and because just waiting idly is worse than waiting while busy. 

we are in that holding pattern now. not so near as tomorrow but we have been in the last days for nearly 200 years and the time has been "soon at hand" for quite a while now. so, now we busy ourselves. we prepare, we do all that we can while looking forward and waiting.