Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 nephi 2

3 nephi 2

the people are less astonished at a wonder of Heaven. do you think we are as blinded today? as the people recognized the miracles less, they recognized the work of satan less.

i am reminded of an episode of "x files" where these devils are sitting in a coffee shop talking about what they have been doing. they agree that people don't recognize them as what they are anymore. 

one says that he showed himself to someone in his true form and the person thought he was crazy and went on a rampage. 

they say that in the old days when a person saw one of them they yelled for them to get hence and be gone, but now, people just think they are crazy. 

do you think that we, as a society and personally, have stopped recognizing the works of Heaven and accordingly the works of the devil for what they really are?