Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 nephi 4

3 nephi 4

who do you fear? (verses 7-10)

this is an interesting situation. the nephites have gathered up and blockaded themselves into one place. this totally screws up the plans of the robbers because they are not raising their own food, they are just stealing it. 

with all the land left abandoned, there wasn't anyone left to steal from. the robbers decide to come against the nephites so they might have a chance of getting some food. when everyone shows up, the robbers are sporting the latest in the fashions of war, lamb skins dyed in blood. spiffy!

the nephites see this terrible sight and fall to the earth. (bad fashion affects me the same way.) 

the robbers think the nephites are scared and figure they have this war already won. BUT - the nephites fall to the earth not in fear but to pray.

this made me think today about faith and who you fear. 

i feel like so often we don't do something because of how it might be perceived by others. the nephites didn't care that the robbers thought they were big chickens. they were more concerned about going to Heavenly Father in all humility to ask for help.

we are called to stand as witnesses at all times, in all places and in all things. every time we stand forth as a witness in what we say, do, post, how we dress, what we laugh at and propagate, in all we do we stand against the enemy when we stand for God's side. 

in that daily battle, who do you fear?