Monday, December 8, 2014

the gospel of Jesus Christ kniffel

family home evening on the fly here!
my little blonde curls had his turn at the lesson but just wanted to play kniffel.   (kniffel is kind of like yahtzee but with less rules for little kids)

ok, mom has this covered.   the missionaries asked us to use first five investigator lessons in the preach my gospel book for our family home evening for five weeks.

we used the building blocks lesson for the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ

we used the plan of salvation game for the plan of salvation.   we simplified it but it was fun and gave a chance to talk about not only this life but temple work for the dead.

this week, was the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

the six sections are:
Through Christ we can be cleansed from sin
Faith in Jesus Christ
Baptism, our first covenant
the gift of the Holy Ghost
endure to the end

playing the game:
you will need the book, ( paper or online), to play or you can simply use the titles to lead a discussion

if you don't happen to have a kniffel game, you will need:

label 5 die with the six sections  . . .ok, just the simple one or two word version: Atonement, faith, repent, baptism, Holy Ghost, endure.   you can make them, glue or use stickers for labels or i just wrote on them and then wiped it off afterwards.

30 markers for each person, coins or buttons or whatever

a paper with 25 squares, 5x5.   it doesn't actually matter what shape it is but that is just easy.

you are trying to collect the first principles of the gospel.   sometimes we are stronger in faith or repentance or whatever.  
each person takes turns rolling the 5 die.   you get to roll 3 times.   whatever you have that matches, you put together.   you might have 2 x faith and then baptism, repentance, and endure.   save faith and have someone read about faith while you take your next two rolls.   just a few sentences, you don't need to read the whole section.   you could just talk about how you might build or gather faith in your life.  

how ever many matching principles you can collect in your three throws, you get one marker for each of them.   if you get all five to match, you get 6 markers.

roll until someone fills their 25 squares.   to be fair, if someone fills their squares, finish the round so that everyone gets to roll the same number of times.    after everyone has rolled, whoever has the most markers wins.

you could use this game for any of the values or anything you want to talk about.   you can play it more like yahtzee or the simple  version we played.   the point is really to talk about what you can do to build your knowledge and faith in the gospel and, of course, to have fun!