Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 21-23

alma 21 - 23

ammon and his brethren finally see progress in the land of the lamanites. 21:17-32

have you ever felt like you were taking on a huge opponent or trial? this applies not only to missionary work but any trial or obstacle. alma 21:3-4 

they suffered imprisonment, were spit on and thrown out. 21: 13-15
then they finally are free and laws are passed that allow them to preach freely.
alma 22 - aaron teaches the king over all the lamanites. 22:3 they approach the king to serve him but the seeds have already been planted by ammon.
alma 22:18 -23 notice the difference between the queen to lamoni who had a convert for a servant and this queen- she is also converted but takes slightly different route.
alma 23:1-5
finally able to preach through the whole land without the minor setback of being put into prison, they are able to make progress.