Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 24-25 - bury your swords

alma 24 - 25
family home evening we did with alma 24. 

cereal box
crayons or colored pencils
bits of scrap paper
pens / pencils
glue and or tape
printed or written alma 24:17 (all or just part)
tacks if you want to hang it
this is a fhe we did a while back. i have seen it done many ways, i wanted something that we could leave hanging up to be a reminder but i have seen people use cardboard swords a and buy them in the yard etc.
i used a piece of a cereal box for "ground" so it would be stronger and last a little longer. cut a section off of a corner of the cereal box. i put the fold so the back side is longer then the front.and colored. i glued cut green paper on the back half to look like grass (and cover the cereal label). i folded little strips of paper and cut swords shapes. 

we read and talked about the people of anti-nephi-lehi and how they had been converted and would no longer fight so they buried their swords. we then talked about what might be swords in our family and how we could bury them. the kids took the little swords and wrote things that they used as swords to hurt others. i let them come up with them and was surprised how many and how correct they were. they were harder on themselves than i was but i let them choose. we got things like being disobedient, yelling, teasing, etc. we then stuck them in the "ground" one at a time and talked about ways we could keep them buried. for a few weeks after that, we would say, "i thought we buried that sword" when something would come up. it was a good reminder. we may re-visit it again actually.