Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 46-47

alma 46 - 47
i love the diabolical-ness in alma 47. 

Amalickiah was part of the good guys but he gets ticked cuz he can't have his way so he goes over to the bad guys. (1-2) he convinces the king of the bad guys to wage war on the good guys but the people have had their backsides handed to them so many times that they don't want to. 

(3 - 5 ) Amalickiah convinces the king to let him go make the bad people who don't want to go to war do it.

(6-8 ) when he gets to where the resistant bad guys are, he totally double talks and lies! big surprise. 

(10-13) he sweet talks the leader of the resistance down from a mountain where they are holding their ground. 

(13-16) Amalickiah makes a plan with the leader of the resistance, lehonti, that totally double crosses the king. . . .at least it looks like that at first. he makes a deal that makes it look like they are going to follow lehonti back to the king and take over so they don't have to go to war against the nephites. the deal includes making himself second in command. 

(17-19) that was pretty slick since he planned on poisoning lehonti the whole time so he could take over that part of the army. now, Amalickiah has both sides of the bad guys united and they all think that they are getting their way when in reality, the only one getting what he wants, is Amalickiah.
(20-21) Amalickiah marches the whole army back to the king which looks pretty impressive and it looks  like the king is getting exactly what he wants as well. you would think this would be enough for Amalickiah . . . .but no. 

(21-26) Amalickiah is being welcomed by the king of the bad guys. the king thinks everything is going his way until the servant of Amalickiah stabs him. sort of becomes a bad day for him. on top of that, the same servants that just stabbed the king, blame the kings servants! bad day for them too. 

(32-35 ) now, there is one little detail left. it's kind of a fairy tale thing but in order for him to be king, he needs to marry the queen. trust me, there is no happily ever after in this fairy tale wedding.   this is the bad guys after all. Amalickiah takes the same servant who killed the king to tell the queen what happened. i guess Amalickiah likes irony too. he ends up marrying her. as vader would say, " The circle is now complete.".