Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 53

alma 53
the introduction of the stripling warriors.

the need of employment is interesting in both these cases. 

(1, 3 - 5) on the one hand, the prisoners are easier to keep under control while they are working. 
(13-15) on the other, the people of ammon want to do something to help so much that they consider breaking their oath.
it seems the perfect example of idle hands are the devil's workshop. it also seems the perfect example of "every member needs 3 things" one of which is a calling. if a person is not actively engaged in some worthwhile cause, then what do they do? people will always find something to do. much of what is really wrong and really right is the result of a person needing something to do. it's all a matter of whether you choose to use your powers for good or evil.

elder ballard's view on this subject-

in case you need something to do with your time-