Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 54-55

alma 54 - testosterone letters between moroni and ammoron
seriously, they are just beating their chests back and forth

alma 55 : 3-5 moroni decides to just skip the negotiations and go straight to awesome strategy! he finds a laminate that has changed sides. 

8-15 the lamanite takes some "specially prepped " wine to the guards of the city that is holding the prisoners and tells them they shouldn't drink it. duh! they are totally wasted! 

16-17 moroni and his men are super ninja-y and get weapons to all the prisoners. and i do mean all of them that can hold a weapon. i know this freaks me out as a mother but also would be very empowering at the same time. 

18-19 moroni is so awesome. he could have just killed the drunken guards, but that isn't how he operates. that is not his heart. 

21-24 moroni is not above a little head game though and just stands one step back from the lamanite guards and waits for them to wake up and freak out. (i have this sick sense of humor too)

they take the city back and the lamanites try to pull their own tricks on them but of course that doesn't work. hello! gift of the Holy Ghost on moroni's side. he knows what they are trying. it's not over yet though. stay tuned . . . . . . .