Wednesday, December 3, 2014

alma 60-61 what are you thinking?

alma 60-61
what are you thinking?
i love the conversation between moroni and pahoran in these chapters.

moroni writes to the governor to ask him why the government isn't supporting the troops. he is pretty ticked off and can't really wait for a back and forth chat session. moroni admits that there could be a problem if the enemy has disrupted the power but more forcefully expounds what is expected and what is going to happen if his expectations are not met.

pahoran then replies. he has been chastised for something he hasn't done. he is grateful for moroni's willingness to defend the country and would like him to come set things in order with all the power he promised since the government really has been usurped by the enemy. 

why the conference talk? this convo between moroni and pahoran kind of reminds me of a marriage. now, i have learned that a long rant doesn't really do much when you're face to face except bore the person to death, but concept of a back and forth and misunderstandings is relatable to us all. 

how do we handle the misunderstandings?

do we accept that the other person might have a different view and try to work from that? 

both the convo between moroni and pahoran and the situation in elder zwick's life are a great example of working through difference of opinion, misunderstandings and general communication.