Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 11

helaman 11

you may remember that in the last post, God gave nephi the power over the land.    this time, nephi uses it. 

the people are killing each other so nephi goes to God to ask for a famine instead. nothing like a good famine to chill people out. at least they are not killing each other, they are starving instead. 

imagine how bad it had to be for him to ask for such a thing. imagine how hard it was for him to watch the people starve, knowing that he had brought it upon them.(reminds me of fast sunday, "mom, i'm starving. / we don't force anyone to fast in this house") 

the famine killed off thousands of people and finally brought the people to humility. everyone thinks nephi is awesome when he calls for an end to the famine. 

they follow him for a while, everything goes well which always leads to pride and people being jerks again. this cycle goes around a couple times in this chapter until it ends on a low note in the 85th year.

we see this pride cycle going around and around in the book of mormon. do we recognize it in our own lives? i know i have started to. i have really started to be more watchful for it in myself and have a little sit down with myself. because you can humble yourself, or God can humble you. the diy is much less painful.