Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 10

hel 10

nephi heads home and is mulling over the things that just happened. kind of like when you get to the other side of an emergency and think, "whoa! what just happened?!" God tells him, "ya did good kid. and now, since you have been working so hard, i am going to give you some more responsibility" (like we do with our kids. God uses the same principle with us, His kids) 

God gives nephi the power to control the earth. ( no pressure ) then He tells him to go back into the mess he just left and let everyone know, while everything that happened is still fresh, that they need to clean up their act or else. (looks like the stressful day isn't over for your hero) 

he goes back and delivers the message which just makes them mad. he spends an undisclosed amount of time preaching and giving everyone fair warning. 

they keep trying to throw him in prison etc., but God has given him the power to control the earth, so prison isn't really a problem anymore. "thus ends the 71st year"