Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 8-9

hel 8-9

as i hear nephi giving his speech about the sins of the people and then suddenly go into, "go check out what just happened to your judge", i wonder if he was surprised by this statement himself. i have made some large statements that were put into my mouth in the very moment i needed them and felt like that. "what did i just say?", "i just made this statement that i have no idea about".   fortunately, the Lord tends to give testimony to the person saying it well as the ones hearing it so we are left with the wonderment of what just came from our mouths without some reassurance.  

 it happens that nephi's life hangs on this surprise prophecy.   to top it off, it ends up with his life depending on further prophecy concerning the matter.    of course, he is given further signs for the people, really
 really specific signs.   i imagine nephi was relying heavily on the reassurance of the Spirit in this situation.

it reminds me of the prophecy of pres lorenzo snow regarding the drought and tithing. he prays and asks God why he was prompted to give this promise and prayed that it would be fulfilled. the church is young and having trouble. pulling it out of debt rests on his shoulders. the people are suffering because of drought but then he spits out this wild prophecy at conference. there was no warning, it's like God hijacks his mouth.   then even the prophet has to wait for it to happen, he has to sit back and watch and hope he hasn't lost his mind by saying something like this. his faith is required as much as the faith of the people.