Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 5

hel 5
1-4 - nephi and lehi, sons of helaman, get tired of the wickedness that has taken over the people. they have voted in wickedness, (makes casting your vote in the next election that much more important). 

the wickedness is actually tiring to them. i know that feeling. i have kids . . .kidding.   their being naughty sometimes is nothing like wickedness.   but being surrounded by ever deeper sinking moral and social values is tiring.  

lehi and nephi  didn't sit back and complain or just update their statuses to some political satire, they got active.   they got out there.

how do we do that?   first and foremost, be informed.   get the whole story and not just the one the media is presenting.   vote if you are able to.   write to your elected officials.   volunteer in the community.   live your beliefs publicly.   one voice may not change the world, but it can make a difference in one part of the world.