Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 5

helaman 5:5-14

these 9 verses contain the word remember 15 times! sounds like helaman thinks we need a remembrall. at least this time, we are being told what we might be forgetting, unlike poor neville and his smoke turning red for some forgotten reason
what does helaman want his sons and us to remember?

1 "remembered the words of their father." - that stuff that comes back to you when you are an adult and don't want to admit to your parents that they were right.   

2 keep the commandments and declare them unto the people.  no soap box needed.   just live what you believe.   don't keep your beliefs a secret.   don't be afraid to explain why you do what you do.   

3 remember your names. for the boys, it was the names nephi and lehi but we have taken the name of Christ upon ourselves as members of his church.   we need to remember His name because others see His name upon us and watch what we do with it.

4 when you remember your name you will remember them. remember the person or in our case, Jesus Christ.   not only do what He did.   we are not expected to be perfect.   remember His name and do your best.   when your best isn't great .. . or even good . . . .remember Him.  it is through His name that we can be forgiven.

5-6 when ye remember them, remember their works. what did Jesus do?

7-8 when you remember their works, know that it was good. what would Jesus do?   not only do what He did, but let His reasons for doing things be your reasoning.   

9 double remember here- the words of king benjamin. in our case, the words of the prophets.   they always try to turn our thoughts to Christ and His sacrifices for us.

10 remember repentance. it's the only way to come to Christ. remember those drops blood that were shed specifically for you. use them when needed and try not to do things that will make you need more.

11 remember the Atonement and that it is for the whole world.
12 remember the words of the personal teachers and personal experience that you have had.
13-14 another double whammy of remember - Christ must be the foundation. build upon His words. anchor yourself to His teaching and build there. if you do that, you can withstand anything.
15 they did remember the words and then put the words into action.