Thursday, December 4, 2014

helaman 6 - WWJD

helaman 6

things start off good but then the good old pride circle continues. the nephites go bad but the lamanites stick with the gospel. 

i love the recurring example of the word of God being stronger than the sword. the nephites convert those who are tickin' them off. who is your biggest pain in the patootie? i often ask myself, "what would Jesus do?" only to come up with an answer along the lines of "strike them dumb" or some other power of Christ but not the ways of Christ.   often, i feel that "WWJD" isn't really helping me because i am just not Him.   so i have to do a little self adjusting first.

*personal testimony time-
i have some people that work my nerves and i have learned to pray for them. 

over the last few years, we have struggled with certain people. some have had progress and others not.  changing them isn't the point though.   that is probably the first point.   it's not about them.

here are some things we have done that have helped us.

prayer.   praying for them really helps.   this is really hard with some people.   we have had some people that have out right done some bad things to our family and it was hard to pray for them.   i don't pray for them to be better, just for them in general.   this is probably the most important thing you can do though.   praying for someone changes your heart.   that is the most important part.  changing your own heart.

(for family) expressing love for them.    saying i love you has made a difference in one in particular.   it is such a small thing but showing kindness to someone who is not kind to you, makes a difference.  if nothing else, you know you are doing the right thing . . .no matter how hard it is.

allowing them space, i know that seems like a cop out but there are some things that need time and space. we are finally seeing some more progress in another person.    it is slow and simply being able to talk to a person without a fight breaking out may seem a small thing but it is something that i wondered if it would ever happen. 

none of these changes came from me changing them. they came from me changing me. i changed how i dealt with them. i really found the WWJD.    i am sure He would be better and more powerful than i am, but i am doing what i can do. i am grateful for the little progress, the little things.    it takes patience . . .A LOT ....but it does make a difference. even if it doesn't make a difference in their lives, it makes a difference in mine.

back to the top, it doesn't take a preaching of the word as such. it takes a practicing of the word towards those around us to make a difference. might feel like it is never going to happen but look for the little tender mercies and change will come in you. that's really what matters, the rest has to just be trusted to the Lord.